Arm Knit Monster Beanie

Hi all! I apologize for the long hiatus. Finally, my own arm-knit Monster beanie is ready to be seen.

This only took me for about maximum 1.5 hours. Knitting a beanie is very easy. I felt more cumbersome to make pom-poms. Tying a thread tight is a tough task for my bad fingers.

I designed this hat because I found ordinary beanie boring. I decided to place 4 pom-poms on the back. Voila! I love it. I named it Monster beanie. This Monster beanie adds a nice spice to any outfit.

Beanie tends to make the outfit look casual, but in this blog, I tried to make it a little more sophisticated by matching a pair of nice side-striped pants and a uniquely designed down coat.

If you are interested in knitting a beanie, search on YouTube!











作り方が気になる方は、YouTubeでArm Knit BeanieとMake a Pom Pomで検索。

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 1

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 2

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 3

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 4

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 5

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 6

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 7

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 8

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 9

Arm Knit Monster Beanie 10

Beanie: my own handmade / Coat: Moncler M by Mary Katranzou / Sweater: Victoria’s Secret

Belt: unbranded / Pants: H&M / Scarf: Ann Taylor / Handbag: Carlos Falchi

Earrings: H&M / Belt: Adrienne Landeau / Booties: ZARA / Gloves: unbranded

Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photo by Vitus Feldmann


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