Central Park Journey

I believe everyone loves Central Park. It exists in a heart of Manhattan. Whenever you need a relaxation, you can easily get there and chill out. In the loving Central Park, I’ve had a photo shoot with Frequency Vision, an avid photographer who obviously loves taking photographs. I enjoyed the photo shoot so much. Thank you 🙂

I wore a monochrome outfit this time. If you are unsure of what colors you should mix and wear, choose monochrome. Monochrome instantly gives you a stylish look. Add a bright color lipstick. Voila!


そんな誰からも愛されるセントラルパークでFrequency Visionによる撮影をしてきました。




Central Park Journey 1Central Park Journey 2Central Park Journey 3

Central Park Journey 4Central Park Journey 5

Central Park Journey 6

Jacket: ZARA / Top: Victoria’s Secret / Pants: H&M / Booties: ZARA / Handbag: Carlos Falchi

Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photography by Frequency Vision


にほんブログ村 ファッションブログ パーソナルスタイリストへ

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  1. Hey Emiri. Very nice pictures again. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the next shoot.

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