An Evening of Style in Chinatown

One of the evenings, I’ve had a photo shoot in Chinatown with Toni. Toni is a stylish photographer and fun to work with. Chinatown is a very unique place with colorful signboards and Chinese characters. A great venue for a photo shoot!

I like my outfit to look like it broke the bank (without actually having to). Many of the clothes I own are affordable. Every time I tell people where I got my clothes I’m wearing, all are surprised. Love seeing people’s reactions so I can’t stop revealing how affordable actually my clothes are 😉

5 keys to look for when purchasing affordable clothes are:

 1. Check if the seam is sown properly.

2. Make sure it fits you well or it’s possible to be tailored to your body.

3. Choose material that won’t pile after a few wears. (acrylic tends to pile quickly.)

4. If you think it looks cheap, don’t buy it even if you love the design.

5. Fabric isn’t too thin that it will show everything.

In this photo shoot, I wore outfits which won’t blend in with the place. I love bold colors so it is my field of expertise 😉






1. 縫い目が綺麗か確認する。

2. お仕立て直しが可能なものか体にきちんとフィットするものか見極める。

3. 毛玉ができにくい素材のものを選ぶ。(アクリルは出来やすいです。)

4. デザインが好きでも安っぽく見えるものは決して買わない。

5. 生地が薄すぎて全て見えてしまうものは避ける。


大胆な色を組み合わせるのは好きなので私の得意分野でもありますね 😉

An Evening of Style in Chinatown 1

An Evening of Style in Chinatown 2

Blouse: ZARA / Pants: H&M Conscious Exclusive / Fascinator: unknown

An Evening of Style in Chinatown 3

Boater Hat: milsa / Jacket: Bebe / Top: Victoria’s Secret / Pants: ZARA / Sandals: Shoemint

An Evening of Style in Chinatown 4

Jacket: ZARA / Dress: J.Crew / Pumps: Prada

Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photography by Antonio Rose

 EMIRI xxx

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