Fifth Avenue Stroll

Fifth Avenue stroll on a beautiful day.

On today’s blog, I played around with different colors, textures, and styles to create this outfit.

This outfit has elements of elegance and sportiness in terms of style. The hat and the shoes I wore were sporty, and everything else was elegant. I used 2 bright colors of red and blue. As you can see, there are so many different textures involved, such as lace, leather, and wool. This outfit will bring a joy to someone who loves to be creative and give an impression of such.

Winter is already here, and I see that so many people have started wearing dark colors, I want to wear more colors!

By the way, I’ve had a hair cut!!!










Fifth Avenue Stroll 1

Fifth Avenue Stroll 2
Fifth Avenue Stroll 3

Fifth Avenue Stroll 4

Fifth Avenue Stroll 5

Fifth Avenue Stroll 6
Fifth Avenue Stroll 7

Fifth Avenue Stroll 8

Fifth Avenue Stroll 9

Alpaca Coat: Max Mara / Cashmere Sweater: Ann Taylor / Skirt: H&M / Scarf: unbranded

Marine Casquette: unbranded / Boots: Timberland / Handbag: Hirofu / Gloves: ZARA

Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photo by Stephen Sherman


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