Hairstory New Wash x Maxi Dress Layering x Cherry Blossoms

I’ve had a great opportunity to try Hairstory New Wash for 30 days as a part of their #TakeAShowerWithUs campaign.

First of all, Hairstory was founded by Michael Gordon, the founder of Bumble and Bumble. New Wash is their game-changing hair wash.

The way you use this product is the same as using shampoo, but unlike usual shampoo, it doesn’t foam up. Body-lotion-like texture contains natural ingredients such as jojoba, aloe, peppermint, and sunflower. These ingredients help to cleanse your hair and scalp gently without stripping away the natural skin & hair barriers like harsh detergents, such as sulfate or glucosides, tends to do. Like I said, it is body-lotion-like texture, and you have to use a generous amount to spread on your hair and scalp evenly.

It moisturized my hair and scalp wonderfully so there was no need for me to use any conditioner or leave-in hair treatment I always used. It’s like giving yourself a head spa. Definitely a money and time saver, and it is a great travel companion since this is only you need to take care your hair. Using only naturally-derived fragrance not only makes it smell nice and fresh (great for any genders) but also free you from having to worry about your health risks like synthetic substances may give.

I loved this experience and think this is a great product especially for winter when my hair and scalp get very dry. If you have dry scalp, it’s worth a try.

This photo shoot was done in Central Park. I thought photographing the product surrounded by cherry blossoms would look really beautiful and give you the feel of the spring breeze.

When the weather gets warmer, maxi dress starts to appear. It looks completely gorgeous by itself, but I wanted to experiment and wear it the different way. So I layered. With a midi pencil skirt. This maxi dress was originally a flared skirt, but by layering the skirt over it, it now looks like a mermaid skirt. Especially when you walk, the bottom of the skirt moves freely and nice. How fun! Since the skirt I layered was in the darker color than the maxi dress, I made sure to bring up the focal point by adding a statement necklace and a belt.


Hairstoryというヘアケアブランドの#TakeAShowerWithUsというキャンペーンに参加させていただく機会をいただき、New Washというヘアウォッシュを30日間お試し。

実は、Hairstoryというブランド、Bumble and Bumbleという有名なヘアサロンの創設者、マイケル・ゴードンさんが新たに作ったブランド。New Washとは、そのブランドの革命的なヘアウォッシュらしいの。






最近耳にする、ロレアルのエクストラオーディナリー オイル ラ クレム ラヴォン クレンジング クリームの天然成分豊富バージョンってところなのかしら?こちらでは販売されていないので良くはわからないけれど。



Hairstory New Wash x Maxi Dress Layering x Cherry Blossoms 1

Hairstory New Wash x Maxi Dress Layering x Cherry Blossoms 2

Hairstory New Wash x Maxi Dress Layering x Cherry Blossoms 3

Hairstory New Wash x Maxi Dress Layering x Cherry Blossoms 4

Hairstory New Wash x Maxi Dress Layering x Cherry Blossoms 5

Hairstory NEW WASH

Maxi Dress: Ducci / Skirt: Express / Necklace: vintage / Earrings: Forever 21

Rings: gifted / Belt: unbranded / Pumps: Stuart Weitzman

Fashion Styling by EMIRI

Makeup by Miyu Asakawa

Photo by AllThingsBklyn


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