Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel

Hi all. I’ve got an amazing opportunity to style two outfits for Angela Roi as a part of their Urban Model campaign. Today, I am showing you the outfit part 1. Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel.

Angela Roi is an ethical luxury handbag brand from NYC, using only high-quality faux leather, made by skilled artisans. Their handbags have been featured in major fashion magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, Lucky, and so on.

First time I saw this handbag, I was surprised how high quality it was. It is quite difficult to find a faux leather handbag that is made with carefully sewn seams and not cheap looking faux leather, but their handbag obviously looks like you’ve purchased one of the major designer handbags without actually spending that much.

This Eleanor Satchel has 3 compartments, and it makes very easy to organize things.

You can see their handbag collection from here.

So this style inspiration came from me thinking “Tie shouldn’t be only for men!”.

Since I’ve taken men’s styling courses by a charismatic tailor, the late Prof. Michele Savoia at FIT, I’ve been into men’s style. There is so much fun hidden in men’s accessories!

I’ve matched a tie from a world-famous Italian hat brand, Borsalino with a faux leather skirt from ZARA which is something men don’t usually wear.

I also paid attention to how I tied my tie. I did an Eldredge Knot. Totally more complicated than the standard knot = super unique!

Wait, it doesn’t stop here.

I found a very cute tie clip on eBay. I had to purchase it. It has a warrior print that matches the tie print. By the way, tie clip has to be 3/4 length of the width of your tie. I’m digging everything I’m showing you here. hehehe. Sorry if I’m getting annoying. This is how much I’ve had fun putting this outfit together.

To top it off, there is a marriage of opposites again. A man-like glen plaid coat and a lady-like beret.

Very happy to style it for Angela Roi.

The outfit part 2 will be posted…….

今回は、Angela Roiとのコラボレーションブログをお届け。

Urban Modelというキャンペーンにお声がけいただき、2つのコーディネートをスタイリング。


「ネクタイを身に付ける女性 x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 」というテーマ。

Angela Roiは、ニューヨーク発のエシカルな(倫理的に正しく製造されている)ラグジュアリーハンドバッグブランド。





こちらのEleanor Satchelは3つに収納スペースが区切られているので整理もカンタン。














この格好の全てが好きすぎて、、、(笑) ウザくなってきていたらごめんなさいね。




Angela Roiのためにこのスタイリングができて大満足。


Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 1

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 2

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 3 Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 4

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 5

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 6

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 7 Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 8

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 9

Lady with Tie x Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel 10

Handbag: Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel / Beret: Arth / Sweater & Belt: Ann Taylor / Blouse: H&M

Tie: Borsalino / Tie Clip: vintage / Faux Leather Skirt & Coat: ZARA / Booties: Stuart Weitzman

Lucite Earrings: vintage / Ring: Hermes / Bracelet: my own handmade / Tights: Uniqlo

Lip Stick: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella


Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photo by Arthur C. Hauser


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