Ode to Orientalism

Hi all. Today’s blog is a bit different to my usual posts. I’ve collaborated with Anabella V. Photography to have a creative photo shoot. One of the photos was published on Dark Beauty Magazine.

I decided to name this post “Ode to Orientalism”.

Because this photo shoot was inspired by 1930s Shanghai style. And we did put some western and modern essence here and there.

The gorgeous makeup and hair were done by Debora.

It was nice to have hair and makeup done by someone else but myself. It’s always fun to see the final result.

Obviously, the model was me, and the fashion styling was done by me. I knew that long length skirt would look perfect for this theme since it was a very classy theme. I used Art Deco looking vintage jewelries to match with those clothes. Art Deco became popular around the same age in 1930s around Europe and the US. I just thought mixing those would look interesting.

And the fan. I could use my Japanese fan for this look, but as soon as I remembered that I had this fan, I had to bring it to the shoot. This french Vera Pilo fan is a very modern looking fan with large rose photo print fabric and clear plastic bones. Very beautiful. As you may already know, I like to mix things that have different roots.

And lastly, mentioning about the polka dot top. I like how it looks classy and trendy at the same time. Polka dot pattern, sequins, and mesh look so perfect together!

It was great to collaborate with you all. Big thanks to Anabella and Debora!

今回のブログは通常とはいっぷう異なり、Anabella V. Photographyとのコラボレーションでクリエイティブなフォトシュートをお届け。Dark Beauty Magazineに写真のひとつが掲載されました。

この投稿のタイトルは、”Ode to Orientalism”(東洋文化に寄せる詩)に。










このVera Piloの扇子は大きなバラのフォトプリントが施してある生地とクリアプラスティックの骨組みが現代的で美しい。






Ode to Orientalism 1

Ode to Orientalism 2

Ode to Orientalism 3Ode to Orientalism 4

Ode to Orientalism 5

Ode to Orientalism 6

Ode to Orientalism 7

Ode to Orientalism 8Ode to Orientalism 9

Ode to Orientalism 10

Ode to Orientalism 11

Ode to Orientalism 12

Pink Outfit) Earrings & Necklace: vintage / Dress: Catherine Malandrino

Bracelet: my own handmade / Ring: gifted / Fan: Vera Pilo

Black Outfit) Top & Skirt: Bebe


Fashion Styling by EMIRI

Makeup by Debora Mendonca

Photo by Anabella V. Photography


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