Sequin Tote Bag & Skirt

Hi all. How is your weekend? Sequin tote bag & skirt on today’s blog.

Circle designs on the tote bag and the skirt match perfectly.

This is a fun outfit that brings your spirits up.





Sequin Bag & Skirt 1

Sequin Bag & Skirt 2 Sequin Bag & Skirt 3

Sequin Bag & Skirt 4

Sequin Bag & Skirt 5

Sequin Bag & Skirt 6

Sweater: H&M / Sequin Skirt: Warehouse / Belt: ba&sh / Tote Bag: Fendi

Coat: Moncler / Scarf: Forever 21 / Earrings: unbranded / Booties: Maison Alaia

Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI


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