How I Style My Summer Dress for Fall

The weather is gradually shifting into fall.  We’ve worn many summer dresses over the summer. Why don’t we still wear them in the fall?

Here’s how I style my summer dress for fall. Just layer a pair of pants underneath. Plus put on a leather jacket over, a fall look is complete.

The pants don’t need to be sheer. It can be skinny jeans, boot-cut jeans, wide pants, or anything you think goes well together.

And here’s an important fact. When you layer a pair of pants under your dress, your bottom half will look heavier and the focal point goes down. So make sure to add an accent accessory above your bust. This time, I’ve added a hat in the same color as the pants. It could also be a scarf or a statement necklace etc.

This is only one of the ways to style summer dresses for fall. Hoping to show you more later!









秋にサマーワンピースを着こなす方法のひとつだけを紹介したけど、次回のSEKAI STORYのコラムでも特集する予定なのでもっと知りたい方がいたらお楽しみに。

How I Style My Summer Dress for Fall 1

How I Style My Summer Dress for Fall 2How I Style My Summer Dress for Fall 3

How I Style My Summer Dress for Fall 4

Dress: Loft / Pants: ZARA / Hat: Arth Hat / Pumps: Stuart Weitzman / Heart Ring: Tiffany & Co. / Other Ring: gifted

Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photo by Troy Walker Photography

Follow his Instagram @Troy_Walker_Photography


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