How I Wear More Than Three Colors Together

I’ve heard that there is the three color rule in fashion, but the rules are meant to be broken so I did. Here is how I wear more than three colors together.

It seemed difficult at first, but I got a hint from my scarf. If you look at the color combination, there are red, pink, blue, purple, green, and white. 6 colors! So I used the 4 colors out of 6 plus black to create this outfit and made sure to use the scarf.

It worked!

Take a look at fashion accessories around you. If you find an interesting color combination, take a hint from it to create your outfit. The most important thing is you actually adopt the fashion accessory in the outfit. It balances all out.

And also, I played around with the Golden Mean. The Golden Mean is a principle discovered in ancient times. It tells us that when we use unequal clothing design proportions, it creates a focal point and is more flattering than equal proportions.

The Golden Mean proportions are either 1:3 to 2:3 or 2:5 to 3:5.

To create this outfit, I used two versions of 1:3 to 2:3.

The look with the coat is the right version and the look without the coat is the left version. The left version is more commonly seen so creating the right version was fun. But the right version tends to bring the focal point down and I’m not tall enough to pull this off. So I enhanced it by adding a beret, a brooch, a scarf, and a belt on the top half.

This outfit was a bit of an experiment.













ゴールデンミーンの割合は、1:3 – 2:3 または、2:5 – 3:5。

今回は、2つのバージョンの1:3 – 2:3を使用。





How I Wear More Than Three Colors 1

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 2How I Wear More Than Three Colors 3

How I Wear More Than Three Colors Together 4

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 5

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 6

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 7

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 8

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 9How I Wear More Than Three Colors 10

How I Wear More Than Three Colors 11

Beret: Arth / Scarf: Agnes b. / Brooch: vintage / Coat: Ann Taylor / Belt: Adrienne Landeau

Top & Cardigan: Uniqlo / Skinny Belt: Ann Taylor / Necklace: Bebe / Gloves: ZARA

Skirt: H&M / Handbag: Carlos Falchi / Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Eyeshadow: NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust in Brilliant Sapphire


Fashion Styling and Makeup by EMIRI

Photo by Frequency Vision


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