Please read our clients’ testimonials and enjoy their stories!

Testimonials - Mina Kitamura

 “When I wore beige clothes, I vaguely felt that I looked older and I didn’t know why. After having a personal color analysis by Emiri, I found out the reason. Since then, I started recreating my wardrobe with a help of her advice. Even now I live in Japan, I can ask her for advice over LINE when I go shopping. It’s very convenient and helpful. My wardrobe is definitely better than before!” – Mina Kitamura, Flutist


Testimonials - Tomomi Kawai

“I love her service very much! Usually, I pick similar styles and colors. I’m not good at challenging new things. She showed me and taught me how to create different looks! She analyzed my skin tone and body shape and put all the information together to bring out my personality. Her unique sense was perfect for what I was looking for! I’m so happy that I’ve discovered the new me, Thank you Emiri!” Tomomi Kawai, Healer / Vintage Watch Jewelry Designer